Anne Chen

Masters of Financial Mathematics - Class of 2021

I developed and grew in many ways during my time in the program  that I had not originally contemplated. I started with the FQF because I wanted to solidify my mathematics skills so I would be ready for the advanced financial math in the the MFM. I studied very hard as the curriculum was super interesting but also very rigorous.  I also got involved in all the activities the programs have to offer which was really important to my overall career preparation. The alumni I met while in the program, as well as a yearlong research project with a MCFAM Assistant professor really opened up my mind to the complex, fascinating and detailed layers of market risk analysis, which is where I landed in my first job, post-MFM, at Federal Home Loan Bank in Des Moines.  As a result of  the comprehensive interest rate and prepayment modeling techniques I gained from practical projects in the MFM, I was fortunate enough to be referred to my new job at US Bank in mortgage servicing valuation, where the MFM is well known and respected.