Mentoring Program


Each academic year, the University of Minnesota Actuarial Mentoring Program matches actuarial students with local practicing actuaries who provide valuable career information and strategies.

The Actuarial Mentoring Program is part of the College of Science and Engineering Mentoring Program. The program begins in October and ends the following April.

The mentoring relationships provide a learning experience for actuarial students outside the classroom, where they have a chance to see the opportunities that the "real world" has in store for them. These relationships are professional in nature; help students make the transition to the world of work; and provide an opportunity for professional development, networking, and an exchange of ideas.

The outcome for students includes building their professional network, refining communication skills, connecting academics and career, exploring new areas of interest, and gaining exposure to career advice.

The outcome for mentors includes refining coaching and mentoring skills, supporting the development of future leaders in your profession, expanding your professional network, and strengthening ties with the University of Minnesota Actuarial Student Program.

How do I register?

Registration Information is available through CSE Mentor Program