Luqiao Liu


Luqiao Liu is an Assistant Professor of Electrical Engineering at Massachusetts Institute of Technology. He received his Ph.D. degree in Applied Physics from Cornell University in 2012.  He worked as a Research Staff Member at the IBM Watson Research Center before joining the MIT faculty in 2012. Luqiao’s current research focus is on advancing new materials and novel device structures for spintronics, including spin-based memory, logic and communication applications. Luqiao Liu is the recipient of William L. McMillan Award, NSF Career Award, Air Force Young Investigator Award, and International Union of Pure and Applied Physics Young Scientist Award.

Selected Publications

1.    J. Finley, Lee, C.H., Huang, P., L. Q. Liu. “Spin orbit torque switching in compensated Heulser Alloy,” Advanced Materials, 1805361 (2018)

2.    S. Siddiqui, J. Han, J. Finley, C. Ross, L. Q. Liu, “Current-induced domain wall motion in compensated ferrimagnet,” Physical Review Letters, 121, 057701 (2018)

3.    J. Han, A. Richardella, S. S. Siddiqui, J. Finley, N. Samarth, and L. Q. Liu. Room temperature spin-orbit torque switching induced by a topological insulator. Physical Review Letters, 119, 077702 (2017)

4.    J. Finley, L. Q. Liu, “Spin-Orbit-Torque Efficiency in Compensated Ferrimagnetic Cobalt-Terbium Alloys”, Physical Review Applied, 6, 054001 (2016)

5.    L. Q. Liu, A. Richardella, I. Garate, Y. Zhu, N. Samarth, C. T. Chen, “Spin-polarized tunneling study of spin-momentum locking in topological insulators”, Physical Review B, 91, 235437(2015)

6.    L. Q. Liu, C. T. Chen, J. Z. Sun, “Spin Hall effect tunnelling spectroscopy”, Nature Physics, 10, 561-566 (2014).             

7.    L. Q. Liu, C.F. Pai, D. C. Ralph and R. A. Buhrman, “Magnetic oscillations driven by the spin Hall effect in 3-terminal magnetic tunnel junction devices”, Physical Review Letters, 109, 186602 (2012)    

8.    L.Q. Liu*, C.-F. Pai*, Y. Li, H. W. Tseng, D. C. Ralph and R. A. Buhrman, “Spin torque switching with the giant spin Hall effect of tantalum”, Science, 336, 555, (2012)   (* equal contribution)        

9.    L. Q. Liu, O. J. Lee, T. J. Gudmundsen, D. C. Ralph, and R. A. Buhrman, “Current-induced switching of perpendicularly magnetized magnetic layers using spin torque from the spin Hall effect”, Physical Review Letters, 109, 096602 (2012)