AI-CLIMATE Institute

Our Mission

AI-CLIMATE (National AI Research Institute for Climate-Land Interactions, Mitigation, Adaptation, Tradeoffs and Economy) is one of seven National AI Research Institutes (NAIRIs) announced on May 4, 2023, under the Biden-Harris Responsible AI Initiative. The NAIRIs aim to catalyze collaborative efforts across institutions of higher education, federal agencies, industry, and others to pursue transformative AI advances that are ethical, trustworthy, responsible, and serve the public good.

These institutes will also bolster AI R&D infrastructure, support the development of a diverse AI workforce, and drive breakthroughs in critical areas, including climate, agriculture, energy, cybersecurity, and education. At AI-CLIMATE, we are combining knowledge from agriculture and forestry sciences with unique new methods in artificial intelligence (AI), working to curb the effects of climate change while also lifting rural economies.

We are creating a new scientific discipline and innovation ecosystem, where AI intersects with climate-smart agriculture and forestry. Our researchers are exploring compelling AI-powered knowledge and solutions—including, for example, using AI to enhance the measurement of greenhouse gasses, and creating specialized field-to-market decision support tools.

One of our key goals is to improve accounting for carbon in farms and forests, empowering carbon markets and informing decision-making. We are also working to expand and diversify rural and urban AI workforces. AI-CLIMATE is a joint effort of the University of Minnesota Twin Cities (lead), Colorado State University, Cornell University, Delaware State University, North Carolina State University, and Purdue University.

AI-CLIMATE is a joint effort involving:

AI-CLIMATE Partner University of Minnesota
AI-CLIMATE Partner Colorado State University
AI-CLIMATE Partner Cornell
AI-CLIMATE Partner Delaware State University
AI-CLIMATE Partner North Carolina State University
AI-CLIMATE Partner Purdue