Polaris Student Machine Shop

How to access the machine shop:

  1. You must make an appointment at least 12 hours in advance in order to access the machine shop. You must make a separate appointment to use the waterjet cutter. 

    Make an appointment to use the Polaris Student Machine Shop
    Make an appointment to use the waterjet cutter
  2. On the date and time of your appointment, knock on the main door to be let in. If no one answers, try the other door. Sometimes the shop is loud, so match your knock volume accordingly.

  3. Each student will need their own appointment. If you do not show up for your appointment, you will need to make a new one before coming again.

Additional information

The purpose of the Polaris Student Shop is to give CSE undergraduates, graduates, and other students enrolled in CSE courses a well-equipped and safe environment to work on their student projects related to their CSE course work, thesis, or approved special projects.

The Student Machine Shop is part of the Anderson Student Innovation Labs. For more workspace, tool and machine usability information, visit the Anderson Labs makerspaces webpage.

For more information and updates, visit the Polaris Student Machine Shop Facebook page.

Safety and machine training

Simply make an appointment. The shop supervisors will teach you safety and how to use equipment when you come in. If it's your first time, we will have you read and fill out a safety form.

Machines and equipment

Milling machines, lathes, waterjet cutter, saws, taps, drills, and more are available in the machine shop. Email the shop staff for more details. 

General rules

NOTE: Full use of the shop is allowed only to those students who have read and signed the required safety information form. 

  • Drawings or sketches of your project are recommended. 
  • All types of projects are welcome in the Polaris Machine Shop, but we do prioritize CSE academic projects when things get busy. The priority order for projects goes:
    • Undergraduate and graduate CSE course related projects
    • CSE student group projects
    • CSE research projects. NOTE: Small, simple research jobs (ex: mill a slot, drill a few holes, turn a groove in a shaft, waterjet one sheet of material, etc.) are allowed, but researchers should generally use the CSE Shop for anything more complicated or for batches of more than 10 parts
    • Personal projects and non-CSE projects
  • Remove rings, watches, and any jewelry before starting work. Safety glasses with side shields are or appropriate goggles are required. Open toe shoes or sandals are not allowed. Shorts are not recommended. Avoid wearing loose clothing and tie hair back if necessary to avoid getting it caught in rotating equipment. 
  • Discuss work with one of the shop supervisors before starting any machine work or power tool use. If you have interrupted your machine use by leaving the shop or wish to change machines, check with supervisor prior to that change or continuation of your work. Report any tool damage or broken tools to staff. Do not use broken tools!
  • Report any injuries to the shop supervisor. 

Please clean up after yourself. Tools must be returned to their proper storage location after use. Machines and work areas must be cleaned after use. 

Safety glasses

Department policy, as well as state law, requires safety glasses with side shields to be be worn in the Polaris Student Machine Shop. There is a limited assortment of safety glasses available for use in the student shop, but users are encouraged to purchase their own. Boynton Health Service Eye Clinic has a "Safety Eyewear Program" where individuals may purchase prescription as well as non-prescription safety eyewear.