D&I Alliance: D&I Moments

Diversity & Inclusivity Moments are one- to three-minute conversations about DEI topics that happen at the beginning of meetings, classes, and other college gatherings. D&I Moments are intended to help us normalize DEI conversations; spark curiosity and conversation; and learn and grow as scientists, engineers, and allies.

D&I Moments are informative and/or thought-provoking, a shared responsibility, and contribute to a cultural shift supporting diversity, equity, inclusion, wellness, belonging, and respect.

Some ideas to find or develop D&I Moments to share with a group:

  • Browse the D&I Moments slide bank (you must be signed into your UMN email to access) for previous moments, social media, national organizations, and resource lists
  • Inform about a historical or contemporary figure, historical event, learning opportunity, vocabulary, or resources
  • Introduce/review a research article, book, or film