D&I Alliance: Student Experience Action Team

The Student Experience action team advances DEI initiatives that affect undergraduate and graduate students within all CSE departments. The team prioritizes student-led initiatives and maintains strong relationships with existing undergraduate and graduate student organizations within CSE.

Recent accomplishments include:

  • Organized and hosted the inaugural DEI Student Leadership Showcase awards in spring 2022 recognizing the many DEI-focused student contributions in the areas of student advocacy, volunteer work, and engagement that advance DEI initiatives.
  • Surveyed various reporting systems within the University to spread awareness throughout CSE
  • Hosted town hall meetings connecting students with the CSE deans

Goals for 2022-23

  • Foster and nourish relationships with other CSE student groups
  • Share content about ways in which to identify and respond to micro- and macro-aggressions
  • Consolidate and centralize DEI efforts among the different groups within the college, including departmental committees, student groups, and Alliance action teams