Graduate Planning and Audit System (GPAS)

New tool helps support graduate student progress

CSE is implementing a new tool to support graduate student degree progress—the Graduate Planning and Audit System (GPAS).

The GPAS implementation process began in 2021, and the new system is expected to go live mid-spring semester 2022.

What is GPAS?

The Graduate Planning and Audit System (GPAS) is a student-focused online tool that reflects consistent academic requirements, allows students and advisors to view progress in real-time, and facilitates the creation of a coursework plan for approval. 

GPAS will:

  • Enhance student services by making curriculum requirements, degree process, and advising more transparent
  • Provide consistency and accuracy of student records for student progress and advising
  • Strengthen the metrics framework to better understand student progress and time-to-degree
  • Support programmatic and curricular decisions by providing detailed reporting from a central system

Why are we changing systems? 

The Graduate School, as a result of input from faculty, made the decision to move forms and processes online as a part of their strategic plan. GPAS is a part of Peoplesoft, which is already in use on campus. CSE is the last college on the Twin Cities campus to make the switch.

What about GDPs?

GPAS replaces the paper Graduate Degree Plan (GDP) form and signatures. It is analogous to, but different in some ways from, the APAS system that the U of M uses to track undergraduate student progress. GPAS will be used for students who were admitted in Fall 2020 or later. 

NOTE: Students admitted prior to Fall 2020 will continue to use the GDP form, so there will still be some paper forms for a few years as we transition.

What does GPAS do?

GPAS consists of two parts that work together—the planner and the audit. The planner helps students to map out future coursework needed to complete a degree. The audit, or advisement report, displays progress toward degree requirements. 

How will advisors approve students' plans?

Instead of reviewing a list of courses and signing a paper form, once the student has submitted their plan (in the GPAS planner), advisors will click on the student link in the My Advisees tab within MyU and follow the steps to submit approval

After advisors have approved the student’s plan, the Director of Graduate Studies will submit their approval and the student will be able to follow their plan as they progress through the program.

Who can help if I get stuck?

Your department Graduate Program Coordinator will have training to assist you in many ways. In addition, the University's Graduate Student Services and Progress (GSSP) Office can also provide support. Please do not hesitate to ask for assistance. Everyone needs a bit of help the first time.