Plan ahead for study abroad

If you want to earn credits abroad, start planning at least one semester in advance. You'll work closely with your academic adviser and department.

Follow the steps below to plan your semester exchange. (You don’t need to follow these steps for other learning abroad experiences such as global seminars or volunteering.)

Get started

Choose a program

Learn more about choosing a learning abroad program.

Apply for scholarships

Most federal and state financial aid can be applied to learn abroad programs. Scholarships are also available at the University, college, and department levels.

Learn about University of Minnesota Learning Abroad Scholarships.

Complete an Academic Plan for Study Abroad

  • Download a Study Abroad Academic Planning form (PDF).
  • Fill out the form, including courses you plan to take and requirements you plan to fill.
  • Schedule a meeting with the director of undergraduate studies in your department if you plan to fill a technical requirement. Departments must approve technical course credit in advance.

Make the courses count

  • Go abroad, study, have fun, and pass your courses.
  • Ask your department to update your APAS when you get back to reflect the previously approved course credits.

Learn more about steps to take after you return to the U.S.