Petitioning for exemptions

You may at some time face an unexpected situation that makes it tough to handle academics and the rest of your life.

Your academic advisor is here to help you meet those challenges that are temporarily impacting your personal well-being and academic achievement. You may petition for a policy exemption that would help you face an extenuating circumstance.

What’s an extenuating circumstance?

Some typical extenuating circumstances are: temporary illness or disabling injury, violence or abuse, depression, anxiety, other mental health concerns, chemical dependency, and death in the family.

How do I petition?

You should use the online Academic Policy Petition form for the following types of petitions:

  • Add a course(s) after the deadline
  • Change course level after the deadline
  • Change grade basis after the deadline
  • Change variable credit value after the deadline
  • Increase credit limit
  • Program requirement substitution/modification
  • Swap a class section or course after the deadline
  • Third attempt of a course
  • Withdraw from a course(s) after the deadline (current or past term)
  • Other

Guidelines for submitting a complete petition for the above types can be found on the Petitioning for an Exception to Policy page on OneStop. Below are additional types of petitions with special instructions or that use a different form/process. If you have questions about what petition type best fits your situation, reach out to your CSE Academic Advisor for guidance.

How are decisions made?

The College of Science and Engineering Scholastic Committee, a rotating committee composed of CSE staff, reviews most petitions. The CSE Scholastic Committee generally meets weekly during the academic year and bi-weekly in the summer. 

Your petition should be clear and concise, as you will not be meeting with the committee in person. Explanations and personal statements should not exceed one page typed.

You will be notified of a decision within two weeks of submitting your petition. There is no guarantee of approval, regardless of circumstances and supporting documentation. If your particular exemption request is not listed, please consult with your academic advisor.

Don’t go it alone

Campus services offer help and support to all students. You can go directly or ask your academic advisor for a suggestion or referral.