Course withdrawals

No approval is required to drop a course during the first 10 weeks of regular full-term fall and spring classes (4 weeks for 7-week courses; summer deadlines vary based on how many weeks the course runs); however, a "W" will appear on the transcript for any course dropped after the second week of the term.

Permission to drop a course after the deadline must be granted by the College of Science and Engineering Scholastic Committee using an academic policy petition and will only be approved under one of the following circumstances:

Extenuating Circumstances:

  • Extenuating circumstances are generally events that are out of the student's control such as illness, accident, or family emergency.
  • Documentation will be required.
  • Extenuating circumstance petitions are not guaranteed to be approved, regardless of circumstances.
  • You may petition for a policy exception that would help you face an extenuating circumstance. For more information, see the Petitioning for Exemptions webpage.

One-time-only Late Withdrawal:

  • One time, an undergraduate may withdraw from a course past the withdrawal deadline without taking a failing grade.
  • The one-time-only late withdrawal (OTO) is an option for a student who is potentially failing a course but does not have extenuating circumstances.
  • The OTO can be taken anytime between the 10th week of a course and the last day of the class. It cannot be used during or after finals week. The procedure is different from dropping a course online. It requires completing the One-Time Late Withdrawal form online, to be approved by CSE Advising.
  • The student receives a “W” grade on the transcript and pays for the class. Again, the OTO can only be taken once during your undergraduate program.