Graduate student appointments across units

All College of Science and Engineering graduate students on research appointments will be paid at the salary rate of their academic home, regardless of what unit funds their research appointment.

When creating an appointment, the employing department initiates and owns the appointment. For graduate assistant appointments shared between units, separate appointments should be created if there are different supervisors, job codes, or pay rates. When all characteristics of an appointment are the same but the funding sources cross units, the graduate assistant's supervisor's home department initiates and owns the appointment, and the pay is divided by split distributions, unless all units funding the appointment agree that another arrangement is more appropriate. All subsequent changes to the appointment, including distribution changes, must route through the department that owns the appointment.

The CSE Dean’s Office will maintain a website identifying the salary rates for graduate research assistants by program as well as the payroll contact(s) in each unit.


Any graduate students who were hired prior to the 2006-07 fiscal year will not have their salaries lowered because of the policy. The employing unit will continue to determine their annual salary increases.  

For more information:

College contact
Joy Wise Davis, CSE Human Resources Director

Approved: May 2006