Layoff/nonrenewal and program expenditures

When an employee is laid off in the College of Science and Engineering, current union contracts provide for bumping across departmental lines. A bump into another unit may potentially impact that unit in two significant ways:

  1. The department with the least senior employee may have to lay him/her off, resulting in unexpected costs to fund the layoff/nonrenewal package.
  2. In addition, the department receiving the more senior employee is required to pay the current salary of the bumping employee, which is generally higher than the salary of the employee who has been bumped.

In order to minimize the financial burden of the receiving department, the cost of the termination severance package for a bumped employee shall be the responsibility of the department/unit that caused the initial layoff.

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College contact
Erik Mundahl, CSE Human Resources Director

Approved: September 10, 2001