HSTM guests at HSS event November 2022

Catching up with HSTM colleagues at the annual HSS meeting

The University of Minnesota was well represented at the recent History of Science Society (HSS) Meeting in Chicago November 17-20. It was great to be back in person after a couple years of virtual conferences. In addition to a well-attended Minnesota reception, three of our graduate students, Felipe Eguiarte Souza, Leah Malamut, and Miaofeng Yao presented their dissertation research. Great job, Felipe, Leah, and Miaofeng!

Leah Malamut presenting at HSS
Felipe Eguiarte Souza presenting at HSS 2022
HSS gathering 2022

HSTM graduate student Leah Malamut presenting "Building a Better Bee: 19th-Century American Beekeepers' Quest for Reproductive Control."

HSTM graduate student Felipe Eguiarte Souza presenting "Makers of an Improbable Future: How Technocracy Connected the Politics and Science of J.B.S. Haldane, J.D. Bernal, and Julian Huxley."


Guests mingling at the HSS Minnesota Reception.


HSS conference iamge

Join your Minnesota colleagues at this year's HSS meeting

On November 17-20, the History of Science Society (HSS) will hold its 2022 annual meeting in Chicago, Illinois. Please join the extended network of Minnesota faculty, alums, and graduate students as we reconvene the Minnesota Reception at HSS after a COVID-era hiatus.

The Minnesota Reception will take place on Friday, November 18, 2022 from 9 to 11pm in the Club International Room at the conference hotel, the Drake Hotel. We will have a cash bar and small bites for those who arrive early.

Questions? Contact Mark Borrello.



Prof. Jones publishes “A Concise History of Veterinary Medicine”

Susan D. Jones, Distinguished McKnight University Professor and Emeritus professor Peter A. Koolmees of Utrecht University in the Netherlands recently published their book, “A Concise History of Veterinary Medicine” (Cambridge University Press).

The book, meant to serve as a textbook for English-reading vet students, grad students and interested people around the world, spans 400 years of history and presents the first global history of veterinary medicine and animal healing. “A Concise History of Veterinary Medicine” draws on inter-disciplinary and multi-disciplinary perspectives, and addresses how attitudes toward animals, disease causation theories, wars, problems of food insecurity and the professionalization and spread of European veterinary education have shaped new domains for animal healing. It concludes by considering the politicization of animal protection, changes in the global veterinary workforce, and concerns about disease and climate change.

There will be a book launch event at the University of Minnesota Veterinary School on October 21 at 5:00pm. Details and more information can be found on the Minnesota Veterinary Historical Museum's Facebook event page.


A Concise History of Veterinary Medicine book cover

Welcome back 2022 from the Department Heads of HSTM

Welcome back to campus for the fall of 2022, and specifically welcome to our new cohort of graduate students (our first since fall 2020)! Sally Mullis, Liz Root and Yi Fong Loh will bring fresh energy and insight to the HSTM program and we’re very pleased to have them join us. We also have new faculty in the HSTM Program: HMED will welcome two faculty additions, Dr. Evan Roberts and Dr. Matthew Reznicek.

This past year was also full of departures. Congratulations to our 2021-2022 academic year HSTM PhDs and Master’s students: Macey Flood (HMED PhD), Anna Amramina (HST PhD), David Korostyshevsky (HMED PhD), Lauren Klaffke (HMED PhD), Will Vogel (HST PhD), Luke Haqq (HMED MA) and most recently, Liz Semler (HMED PhD). We also want to celebrate the retirement of Professor Sally Gregory Kohlstedt after 33 illustrious years at the University of Minnesota!

On a somber note, I want to acknowledge the death, on July 28th 2022 of our founding director Professor Roger Steuwer. Roger laid the groundwork for the graduate program in the History of Science and Technology and spent his entire career making a center for the history of modern physics. Thanks to Michel Janssen and Alan Shapiro for writing a tribute to Roger for our website.


Jole R. Shackelford, Associate Professor, Director of History of Medicine Program

Mark E. Borrello, Associate Professor, Director of HST Program


view of Shepherd Labs front entrance

Adam Fix's article for Inside Higher Ed demonstrates how to translate academic experiences for businesses

It can be difficult for many academics to write a résumé. Fix provides advice on how to move from the language of “academese” to “businessese" when pitching your work. Read more. 

Two women writing a resume


Summer is short. Make the most of it by catching up on your research and writing.

The U of M offers several resources for helping students prepare for the next step in their research and academic careers. 

Grad school image


HSTM Professor Susan Jones elected to American Association for the Advancement of Science (AAAS)

Prof. Jones has been chosen as a Lifetime AAAS Fellow for her “distinguished contributions to the history of science, particularly for her work on the history of plague, disease ecology, and pandemics."  Read more. 

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