Alumni Service Awards


Recognizing graduates or former students for outstanding volunteer service to the University, its schools, colleges, departments, or faculty, or to the University of Minnesota Alumni Association.

2018 Alumni Service Award
Dennis Martenson, Civil Engineering '67, M.S. '68
Daniel McDonald, Electrical Engineering '82, J.D. '85

2017 Alumni Service Award
Robert DeMaster, Chemistry Ph.D. ’70
James Rutzick, Mechanical Engineering ’66

2016 Alumni Service Award
Robert Graber, Computer Science ’86
Charles Lo, Mechanical Engineering ’70, M.S. ’72, MBA ’93

2012 Alumni Service Award
Padraic (Pat) McGuire, Mechanical Engineering ’81
John Mendesh, Chemical Engineering ’79, MBA ’84

2011 Alumni Service Award
Roger Haxby, Mechanical Engineering ’58
Randy Schiestl, Mechanical Engineering ’77, MBA ’84

2010 Alumni Service Award
Jim Pichler, Computer Engineering ’92, MSSE ’03

2009 Alumni Service Award
Ronald A. Christenson, Mechanical Engineering ’72