Appointments to graduate examining committees

All appointments to graduate examining committees (master's final exam, doctoral preliminary oral exam, and doctoral final oral exam) must be reviewed by the college according to the criteria specified by the University policy for appointments to graduate examination committees. In addition, the college must review and approve the following situations:

  • Request to appoint an external member - defined as external to the University - to an examining committee
  • Request for non-faculty University staff member to serve as adviser to a doctoral student
  • Request for non-faculty University staff member to chair a doctoral examining committee
  • Request for external member to chair a prelim oral committee (external members may not chair a final exam committee)

Procedure to request an external member:

  • DGS sends an email to Associate Dean for Academic Affairs Ellen Longmire at, copy to, with the external member’s CV and a statement describing the reason for the request.
  • If approved, the program is responsible for assigning a University of Minnesota Employee ID, or creating a non-salaried appointment, if appropriate.
  • The external member’s name and EMPL ID are then included on the online committee request.

Special situations

Faculty who have departed the University:

Emeritus faculty or faculty who have left the University may continue with advising and/or examining committee assignments that were active at the time of their departure if the faculty member and the student both agree to the continuation in writing. For legal reasons, retired individuals who accept new advising or committee assignments are required to have an active employment record.

Ongoing Committee Service:

External faculty who will serve on a specific student’s committee – a one-time assignment - need only be assigned a University EMPL ID. Faculty who will provide ongoing committee service for multiple students must be given a non-salaried appointment as an adjunct or in job code 9996 Graduate School Committee Member.

Appointing external faculty members as advisers:

Faculty external to the University of Minnesota must have an adjunct appointment in order to serve as adviser or co-adviser.