Faculty with graduate education responsibilities

Nomination process

Each graduate program in the College of Science and Engineering maintains its own process for appointing members to the Graduate Faculty. Upon appointment to the Graduate Faculty, each faculty member will be accorded specific privileges and responsibilities depending on the category of membership to which the faculty member is appointed. The categories of membership in CSE are: senior member, affiliate senior member, member, and affiliate member.

To be appointed to any membership category in the graduate faculty, an individual must hold a University (Human Resources) appointment, with or without salary, thereby providing a legal basis for the graduate faculty member’s association with the University and graduate program.

Faculty who retire from the University of Minnesota relinquish their Graduate Faculty status upon retirement; however, they may choose to complete outstanding examining committee and advising assignments on file with the University at the point of retirement. The voting faculty of a graduate program may appoint Emeritus Faculty to affiliate membership and affiliate senior membership when such status serves the educational interests of the program and its graduate students

Appointment letter and record keeping

Programs should provide an appointment letter to new members of the graduate faculty which includes the following:

  • the level of membership and responsibilities thereof
  • any optional privileges that are assigned
  • the beginning and end date of the appointment, if applicable
  • program expectations for continued service on, or process for termination from, the graduate faculty

Individual programs are responsible for maintaining a record of graduate faculty membership status.

Adding New Faculty to the Graduate Education Faculty Role List

The graduate education faculty role list is the University-wide listing of faculty members and their graduate education responsibilities. Roles are assigned to the faculty using the CSE membership categories as a basis. Programs are responsible for maintaining and updating the Faculty Role List.

See the CSE graduate faculty membership chart and the conversion tables for a list of privileges and responsibilities of each category, and for information on how to enter this on the Faculty Role List.