Leave of absence for graduate students

Graduate students who are unable to maintain active status due to extenuating circumstances may request a leave of absence. Extenuating circumstances may include, but are not limited to, illness or injury, death in the family, military service, birth or adoption of a child, and off campus opportunities related to professional/academic development. Programs should publicize the leave of absence policy and ensure students are informed of the consequences of inactive status. Students should be advised to check with relevant offices (e.g., ISSS, Graduate Assistant Employment) to learn about any effects a leave of absence might have.

Key points:

  • Leaves cannot exceed two academic years
  • Students must return to the same program and degree objective
  • Students on leave may not use University facilities or services
  • Leaves of absence do not count toward a student’s time-to-degree


  • Form must be approved by the student’s adviser and director of graduate studies
  • Program informs student of any potential conditions that may be imposed upon reinstatement
  • Form is sent to Jill Johnson in CSE Dean’s Office for review, associate dean approval, and entry into PeopleSoft
  • Copies will be sent to the student and program after approval