CSE Public Lecture

Curiosity Drives Progress Lecture Series: Sustainability and the Environment

Thank you to everyone who attended our Curiosity Drives Progress Lecture Series: Sustainability and the Environment on Tuesday, April 9 featuring three faculty in short, TED-style talks about their research related to sustainability and the environment.

Watch the full lecture recording with Q&A.

About the talks

“Stuck in the Muck: Our Household Chemical Footprint Revealed in Sediment Cores”
Bill Arnold, Distinguished McKnight University Professor in the Department of Civil, Environmental, and Geo- Engineering, talks about the presence of household chemicals in the environment and the potential long-term impacts on aquatic systems.

Watch the recording of Professor Arnold's talk.

”An Ocean of Sustainable Carbon: A Future of Novel Materials from Biomass"
Paul Dauenhauer, associate professor in the Department of Chemical Engineering and Materials Science, talks about new materials produced from biomass that provide breakthrough capabilities such as soaps that function in hard water, plastic containers that biodegrade and/or compost, or rubbers that stay rubbery in cold conditions.

Watch the recording of Associate Professor Dauenhauer's talk.

"Tribally Directed Collaborative Research on Wild Rice"
Crystal Ng, assistant professor in the Department of Earth Sciences, describe a truly collaborative approach that prioritizes Tribal values and knowledge to discover together the complex interactions among hydrology, geochemistry, ecology, and humans that impact manoomin / psiη / wild rice waters. 

Watch the recording of Assistant Professor Ng's talk.