CSE biomedical engineering student Marcus Flowers
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The sky’s the limit for biomedical engineering Ph.D. student Marcus Flowers

Posted March 21, 2023

College of Science and Engineering graduate student Marcus Flowers engineers the materials behind drug delivery, and his research applications span everything from stem cell therapy to cancer treatment.

Computer data chip
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Researchers create breakthrough spintronics manufacturing process that could revolutionize the electronics industry

Posted March 20, 2023

University of Minnesota Twin Cities researchers, along with staff at the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST), have developed a breakthrough process for making spintronic devices that has the potential to create semiconductor chips with unmatched energy efficiency and storage for use in computers, smartphones, and many other electronics.

Researchers looking at stats on a computer
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University of Minnesota to offer new Data Science for Chemical Engineering and Materials Science master’s degree

Posted March 8, 2023

In fall 2023, the University of Minnesota Twin Cities College of Science and Engineering will begin offering a new master’s degree in data science for chemical engineering and materials science to meet the growing industry demand for scientists and engineers with computational and data analytics skills.

portrait of Professor Ambika Bhagi-Damodaran
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Chemistry Assistant Professor Ambika Bhagi-Damodaran receives Cottrell Scholar Award

Posted February 13, 2023

University of Minnesota Chemistry Assistant Professor Ambika Bhagi-Damodaran is one of 25 early-career researchers across the U.S. and Canada to receive a 2023 Cottrell Scholar Award in recognition of her excellence in research and teaching.

Larry Edwards
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Professor Larry Edwards receives Benjamin Franklin Medal in Earth and Environmental Sciences

Posted January 27, 2023

University of Minnesota Twin Cities Professor R. Lawrence “Larry” Edwards has been awarded the Franklin Institute’s 2023 Benjamin Franklin Medal in Earth and Environmental Sciences recognizing his achievements in the field.

Brittany Hartwell
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Biomedical engineering Assistant Professor Brittany Hartwell receives Michelson Prize for excellence in vaccine research

Posted January 26, 2023

University of Minnesota Biomedical Engineering Assistant Professor Brittany Hartwell is one of four researchers worldwide who has been awarded a 2022 Michelson Prize, which recognizes early-career investigators who represent “the next generation of innovators in human immunology and vaccine research.”

Professor Emeritus David Kohlstedt
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Professor Emeritus David Kohlstedt receives Vetlesen Prize, the ‘Nobel Prize of Earth Sciences’

Posted January 25, 2023

University of Minnesota Twin Cities Professor Emeritus David Kohlstedt has been awarded the Vetlesen Prize, one of the highest honors in Earth sciences and considered to be the field’s Nobel Prize equivalent.

Graphic of a woman and a brain

New research shows dynamics of memory-encoding synapses in the brains of live mice

Posted January 12, 2023

A University of Minnesota Twin Cities researcher is part of an international team that has used two-photon imaging technology to show, for the first time, the creation and elimination of synapses between neurons in the brains of live mice.

Acrylic acid graphic
Energy-Environment, Research

Chemical researchers discover catalyst to make renewable paints, coatings, and diapers

Posted January 6, 2023

A team led by University of Minnesota Twin Cities researchers has invented a groundbreaking new catalyst technology that converts renewable materials like trees and corn to the key chemicals, acrylic acid, and acrylates used in paints, coatings, and superabsorbent polymers.

Professor Bharat Jalan

Researchers discover new process to create freestanding membranes of 'smart' materials

Posted December 22, 2022

A University of Minnesota Twin Cities-led team has developed a new method for making nano-membranes of “smart” materials, which will allow scientists to harness their unique properties for use in devices such as sensors and flexible electronics.