Anatole Weiring

Company: Kohler Company

Major: Electrical Engineering

Graduation Date: December 2017

Hometown: Manitowoc, WI

What kind of projects (or project) did you work on in your co-op?

I worked on designing or modifying controls on manufacturing machines around the Kohler plant.

What were some of your specific tasks that pertained to the project?

Some of my specific tasks included writing ladder logic for programmable logic controllers, updating and creating electrical prints using AutoCAD Electrical, testing automation and control components, and troubleshooting non-working machines.

What did you accomplish in your co-op?

I was able to complete two major projects during my co-op period. In conjunction with a mechanical engineering co-op, I helped design, test and implement an engine oil filling machine for use on the engine assembly line. I also helped design the code needed to operate an informational display system on the assembly line that displayed specific instructions for engines at certain stations.

How did the co-op prepare you for your full time job of next step in your career?

My co-op helped prepare me by giving me a lot of real-world engineering experience. I learned a lot of things during my co-op period that I hadn't learned in school, especially about automation controls, electrical CAD design, and electrical control panel design.

How did the writing assignments help you in your career?

The writing assignments helped me develop a stronger ability to read and write technical papers. I also was able to understand the technicalities of my projects more clearly by writing about them.

What are your future plans?

I plan to get a job as a controls or systems engineer, preferably in an industrial manufacturing or contracting company. I am considering pursuing an MBA in the future, and perhaps moving on to project management.