Application Process

The Co-op Program will be using Handshake to receive the application materials to the program. If you are accepted after completing your application, you will be notified within 2 business weeks. After being accepted, you will then be able to use Handshake to search Co-op positions, apply to those you find suitable, and manage your applications and job status through your Handshake account.

Applying through Handshake

  1. Click on this link: and log into Handshake for the job posting.
  2. Sign in with your UMN password. If you haven’t set up a profile, you’ll be asked to do so and will need to respond to an email verification to confirm your account.
  3. If you haven't been brought to the job posting, then in the top bar click on Jobs. Then search for “UMN Engineering Co-op Program Student Application” and apply. If you cannot find it, try searching for the job posting number 4270404.
  4. The Handshake application instructions and forms are listed below for your convenience. You will find it helpful to prepare all of the materials ahead of time, before logging into Handshake. Please do not email the application materials to the Co-op Office but submit them on Handshake.

Application Documents

There are multiple documents needed to apply to the Co-op Program. Click on the Handshake Apply Button to submit them. Please note: If accepted into the Co-op Program, you will also submit all items listed below to any Co-op jobs you apply to after being accepted into the program.

1. You will need to create and/or update your Handshake profile. In your profile, please list your current GPA, your major, and your standing (sophomore, junior, etc.) You will then upload all of the following to your Handshake application to the Co-op program:

2. CSE Engineering Co-op Application Additional Information and Essay. This document is also listed at the bottom of the Handshake job posting under "attachments." After completing the questions and essay, Save your application using this title format:

Your LastName_FirstName_SemesterYear_Application (example: Doe_John_SP21_Application.pdf). Upload your completed PDF to your application to the Co-op Program in Handshake. 

3A. Current Unofficial Transcript. If you have trouble requesting your unofficial transcript, make sure you have your popup blocker turned off. (This has caused problems for students in the past.)

The transcript should be a PDF file. Name your transcript in the same way as you did the application (example: Doe_John_SP21_Transcript.pdf) An official transcript is not necessary. If you would like to redact your birth date or ID number on your transcript, you may do so.

3B. Transfer Student Transcripts (Transfer students only) Transfer students need to submit their transfer school transcripts, however Handshake will only accept one transcript document. You need to merge them with your unofficial U of M transcript (you can use the free PDF Mergy on Google Drive) with your U of M transcript first. Please redact (black out) any information you don't want potential employers to view.

Remember, transfer students need to have completed one UMN CSE semester before they can apply to the Co-op Program. See the Eligibility page for more information.

4. Current Resume. This is an important document for making a good first impression with the potential employer. See this resume tips page if you need assistance.The Co-op Program will not be giving feedback on resumes, although the CSE Career Office may do so.

The resume should be current and must be submitted in your Handshake application as a PDF.

Name your resume in the same way as you did the application (example:Doe_John_SP21_Resume.pdf.)

How to Submit the Documents to The Co-op Program

All documents listed above (essay response, resume, and transcript) must be submitted to Handshake as part of your application to the program by the due date. (The spring 2021 due date is February 19, 2021.)

  • Make sure all of your documents are PDFs to preserve the formatting of your materials. 
  • Make sure they are all named in the format of your LastName_FirstName_SemesterYear_Document

You will be notified by email within two weeks of submission whether or not you have been accepted into the Co-op Program. Once you are accepted into the Co-op Program, you will be able to search for and apply to Co-op positions inside of Handshake. They will be listed as "CSE Co-op Employer – Title of Position." So searching for keywords, "CSE Co-op" will help you find a current list of Co-op positions in Handshake.

Reapplying to the Co-op Program

Students may apply and interview no more than three semesters, submitting new application materials each time. Make sure the current application form is being used, the resume and transcript are current, and the essay has been rewritten. Students who have not been hired by a Co-op employer after three interview periods should focus on completing their degree and will not be allowed to interview through a fourth recruitment cycle.

Students who have already been hired by a Co-op employer and have taken the Co-op courses may not go through the program a second time.