Credit Information

Full-Time Status

You are considered a full-time student during your working semesters as registering for a Co-op course automatically enrolls you for full-time status. This allows you to continue to be eligible for financial aid, scholarships, etc. 

Verifying Full-time Status

Insurance companies and scholarships often require proof of full-time student status. Enrollment verification can be done online through OneStop.

Summer Semester

The Co-op summer semester will start in late May to allow you more time to complete the academic assignments. If you are working a summer Co-op assignment but need to start the course later, due to a Global Seminar or another between-semester event, you should contact the Co-op office as soon as possible for a modified assignment schedule.

Registering for other classes during the summer:  Co-op students are considered full-time students. Therefore, the registration system thinks you have exceeded the maximum number of credits for summer and will not allow you to register for any more without permission. You will need to submit an Academic Policy Petition to the CSE Advising Office requesting to increase your summer credit limit:

Student Services Fee

 You will not  be charged the Student Services fee unless you are registered for 6 or more credits during fall or spring and 3 or more credits during summer semester. This means you will no longer have access to facilities and services paid for by this fee. For instance, you will not have access to the University of Minnesota Recreation Center or Boynton Health Services.

Health Insurance

Co-op students who are currently using University-sponsored Student Health Benefit Plan will need to find an alternative health coverage plan during their working semesters as Co-op employers are not expected to provide health coverage.

Health insurance is required by the University, and students registered for six credits or more per semester (or three or more credits during summer term) will automatically be enrolled in the University-sponsored Student Health Benefit Plan or must waive the University-sponsored plan by providing proof of enrollment in an alternative Eligible Health Plan.

You can read more details about Health Insurance and the Co-op Program here.