After you have read through this webpage and have determined that you are eligible to apply to the Co-op Program, then go to the locating and applying for a co-op page.

When to Apply

The best time to complete a co-op varies by major. Please visit the Major-Specific Information page for details about when the co-op could best fit into your degree program. As each student's situation is unique, students should work with their academic advisor to develop a plan for completing the co-op experience. The sooner you plan for a co-op (even as early as the first year), the more likely you will be to find a time that does not cause unnecessary delays with degree completion. 

Applicant Requirements

  • Students must obtain a 40 hr/week co-op offer from an employer that lasts a duration of 2 semesters (Summer/Fall, Spring/Summer, or Fall/Spring). 
  • Students must be a current CSE student and/or an active UMN student at the time of application.
  • Students must be in one of the following engineering majors: Aerospace, Biomedical, Chemical, Civil, Computer, Electrical, Environmental, Geoengineering, Industrial & Systems, Materials Science, or Mechanical.
  • Students must be admitted into the major in order to begin their co-op experience.
    • Students may apply to the co-op program during the application period prior to the semester of being admitted to their major. For example, if you are applying to the major in fall semester - for spring semester admission - you can apply to the co-op program during fall semester as well. Approval will be rescinded if a student is not admitted to their major for the term they planned to enroll in CSE 4896 or CSE 4996. More information can be found at the application to the major webpage.
    • NAS students admitted directly to the major may apply during the application period in the first semester of enrollment in CSE.

Note: Prior to applying, students are encouraged to speak with their major/departmental advisor to ensure that enrollment in CSE 4896 and 4996 will fulfill your major requirements.