DSI Research Support

The CSE DSI is able to provide seed funding for small projects at the initial stage of research that bring college faculty in data science and science and engineering together.

This funding is in the form of graduate student fellowships where the student is participating in the research. The initial results from these small projects are expected to form the basis for future larger research proposals.

We will circulate the call for proposals to all CSE DSI affiliates whenever applications are open.

The table below shows the range of projects supported to date.

Research TopicFaculty

Towards Unconstrained Multi-sensor “State-of-the-Heart” Monitoring and Disease Prediction

Alena Talkachova (BME)
Yao-Yi Chiang (CS&E)

Large Scale Data Extraction from Population Sampling of Dispersed Waterborne Photovoltaic Microparticles

Joey Talghader (ECE)
Yao-Yi Chiang (CS&E)
Daniel Bond (Microbiology)

Can Physically Informed Deep Generative Models Improve Seasonal Predictability of Global Precipitation?

Ardeshir Ebtehaj (CEGE)
Vipin Kumar (CS&E)

Sharp Analysis of Atomic-Resolution STEM Data via Deep Learning

Ju Sun (CS&E) 
Andre Mkhoyan (CEMS)

Constrained Deep Learning for the Efficient Discovery of Stable Solid-State Materials

Chris Bartel (CEMS) 
Ju Sun (CS&E)

Accelerating Novel 2D Material Discovery Through Machine Learning

Ke Wang (Physics) 
Chris Bartel (CEMS)

Learning Using Privileged Information (LUPI) for Materials Discovery

Vladimir Cherkassky (ECE)
Tony Low (ECE) 
Ellad Tadmor (AEM) 
Eric Fuemmeler (AEM)

Integrated Molecular Simulations and Machine Learning Tools to Uncover the Treasure Trove of Hidden Structures during Crystallization

Sapna Sarupria (CHEM)
Michael Steinbach (CS&E)