CSE DSI Spotlight

frozen scene, Yellowstone National Park

Study explores impacts of a warming climate on global snowfall patterns

NASA awarded Ardeshir Ebtehaj $2.9 million to provide the longest and the most accurate satellite record of global snowfall. Ebtehaj is an associate professor and researcher in the Department of
Vipin Kumar posed in Keller Hall

Vipin Kumar Leads $1.2M Grant on Deep Learning for Inverse Modeling

Regents Professor Vipin Kumar will lead a $1.2 million grant from the National Science Foundation with a focus on deep learning for inverse modeling.
Panelists and moderators at CSE DSI Molecules & Materials workshop

CSE DSI Hosts Successful Workshop on Data Science and Materials Science

CSE DSI held its first public workshop, Advancing Molecules & Materials via Data Science, on Friday, September 22.
George Karypis headshot

DSI Affiliates are Co-PIs on $4.5 Million Grant

DSI affiliates George Karypis and Ellad Tadmor are co-principle investigators on a four-year project that will establish foundational machine learning models that can be applied in materials science.
Ju Sun

DSI Affiliate Ju Sun Works on Two Projects Tied to Medical School

Ju Sun, assistant professor in CS&E, is currently working on two projects with ties to the medical school. One addresses data imbalance issues in biomedical data science and the other addresses
Stevie Chancellor headshot

Tune in: Radical AI podcast with CS&E's Stevie Chancellor

CS&E assistant professor Stevie Chancellor was interviewed for the October 6, 2021 episode of the Radical AI podcast.