Our Mission

  • Enhance the quality, impact, and visibility of data science research being conducted in the college, making the University of Minnesota a top destination for graduate students, faculty hires, industry-seeking students, and collaborative relationships.
  • Make a mark in Data Science nationally and internationally by charting new research directions and enabling the development of new methods, data sets, and software that are used worldwide to address grand challenges facing our state, nation, and the world.
  • Leverage existing unique strengths of our college, university, and the state of Minnesota. 
  • Serve as a university-wide nexus of multi-disciplinary collaboration and information sharing, and become a one-stop shop for data science for external stakeholders, including industry, government, and philanthropic organizations. 
  • Integrate research with education by serving as a hub for mentoring the young generation of scientists.  DSI will support existing data science programs and enable the development of new data science educational programs at the University of Minnesota.
  • Have a commitment to diversity, equity, and inclusion that is explicitly reflected in its strategic plan.

Read the Data Science Initiative's Call for Participation for future plans and goals.