Christine Gaffney

Christine Gaffney is senior vice president for Supervision, Regulation and Credit (SRC) at the Federal Reserve Bank of Minneapolis, where she oversees the consumer and safety and soundness supervision of state member banks and bank holding companies in the Ninth District. She is also responsible for the Bank’s lending to Ninth District depository institutions and for managing the resulting credit risk.

Gaffney joined the Bank in 2001 in the SRC department as a consumer affairs examiner. She continued in the examination role until 2008. During that period, she spent one year at the Board of Governors and four years as key support for the System’s examiner training efforts. She managed SRC’s quality assurance and training functions before becoming an assistant vice president in 2011 and then vice president in 2014 over the credit, payments systems risk, statistical and structure reporting, and support services areas.

Throughout her tenure, she has made a wide range of contributions, including leading several critical System efforts as well as helping SRC grow its areas of formal responsibility.

Gaffney has a Bachelor of Arts from the University of Jamestown in North Dakota.