Girls < RUN>: \ THE\ WORLD - Machine Learning Summer Day Camp - July 8 - 12, 2024

Why an All Girls Camp?

According to a 2021 report by the US Census Bureau, women represent nearly half of the US workforce, yet only 27% of all STEM workers. Educators believe this gap starts in early education through gender stereotypes.  Despite similar achievement scores among children of all genders in math and science, men represent the majority of students studying STEM fields in higher education. Offering an all-girls science camp provides the chance for girls to take intellectual risks and reduce implicit bias in a setting where they can just experience science and try their best without other distractions.

* We use the word “girls” to mean all girl-identifying or non-binary students regardless of sex assigned at birth. 

Camp Details: For full details about cost to attend, eligibility, and location: Learn more about camp.


ML Camp Alumni Spotlight

2019 ML Participant

“When I first signed up for this camp, I had no idea what ML even was. In fact, I didn’t even like statistics or data science. ...However, that short one-week period left a large impact on my life. I got to meet a wonderful batch of brilliant women and became really inspired to keep working at ML. ...The professors that I met during the camp opened up a lot of opportunities for me including a TA position and an internship. Today, I am on track to get my PhD in Topological Data Analysis, and I’d like to get into the Computer Vision industry after my PhD.”

- Delanna Do, 2019 camper,
2nd year Math PhD student at the University of Pittsburgh

The School of Mathematics and the School of Statistics collaborate to bring high school students this exciting summer camp. 


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The machine learning camp is open to all students regardless of sex. Learn about the all genders camp session, which is identical in curriculum.