MFM Individual Courses and Course Sequences

Consider leveraging and learning new skills and get a taste of the MFM Program through selected courses or sequences from the MFM curriculum. Available courses include a modeling and programming sequence or one of several electives including the following:

  • FM 5151 - Financial Modeling I: Modeling with Python (Fall, 3 credits) 
  • FM 5252 - Financial Modeling II: Numerical Methods and Simulations (Spring, 3 credits) 
  • FM 5323 - Data Science and Machine Learning in Finance (Fall, 3 credits) 
  • FM 5462 - Market Microstructure (Spring, 2 credits)
  • FM 5422 - Quantitative Hedge Fund Strategies (Spring, 2 credits)

All courses are taught at night to facilitate people who work full time. Please visit the course description webpage.

Note that participation in any course must be approved to assure a good fit. Email: for further information including registration process.

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Register for graduate classes as non-degree

If you are a graduate with a bachelor's or another post-secondary degree who is not admitted to, or currently active in, a University of Minnesota degree program, you can take graduate courses as a non-degree student.