About the CMDC


The CMDC’s mission is to foster university-industry-government partnerships to assure that medical devices are safe and secure from cybersecurity threats through pre-competitive R&D, targeted training programs, robust security assessments, and informed regulation and policy guidance.

Areas of Focus

The CMDC is focused on creating a collaborative hub where research, information sharing and education can thrive. Through a combination of industry partnerships, networking opportunities and training exercises we aim to create a valuable experience for industry members, faculty and students alike.


Medical device cybersecurity is a growing need for medical device manufacturers, healthcare delivery organizations, governmental research laboratories and federal agencies like the Food and Drug Administration. Mitigating security risks for medical devices requires the expertise of computer scientists and software engineers, medical device innovators, policymakers, and healthcare leaders and practitioners. In our increasingly interconnected world, medical devices from pacemakers to medication dispensing stations and patient databases require top-of-the-line cybersecurity. The CMDC seeks to assist stakeholders in collaborating on and meeting these needs by leveraging a multidisciplinary community of researchers and industry partners.

Contact Us

For general questions, contact the CMDC team at cmdc@umn.edu or fill out the contact us form.