Meet Bill Aerts, CMDC Managing Director


Bill Aerts

The Center for Medical Device Cybersecurity (CMDC) is led by Bill Aerts, one of the foremost experts in the area of medical device cybersecurity. Bill started the Archimedes Center for Healthcare and Device Security at the University of Michigan in 2017 and served as its full-time Executive Director until joining the CMDC in October of 2021.

As Archimedes Executive Director, he developed service offerings, offered member support, and was an active member of the medical device security community. Prior to that, he served as the Global Director of Product Security within Medtronic’s Global Security Office. He helped to build Medtronic’s original Information Security Program and has created and championed information and product security programs in the insurance, transportation, retail and healthcare industries.

In his role as the CMDC Managing Director, Bill oversees operations, works with industry members, develops and supports research and educational programs, as well as recruits new members to further build the center's amazing industry-academia collaboration.

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