Industry Membership

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Become a member of a nation-leading consortium of expertise that is primed to meet the needs of the medical device and health care delivery industry across the medical device value chain from initial design to obsolescence.

Membership benefits include:

  • Recruiting and supporting a strong workforce through training programs targeted to industry needs and programming to develop student interest in cybersecurity and connect students to industry professionals.
  • Facilitating regulatory and security compliance through shared experience and knowledge from internationally recognized cybersecurity experts and partners representing every component of the medical device value chain from initial design to obsolescence.
  • Affording access to a unique suite of testing and assessment tools, new technology consultations, and research programs designed to assist organizations in developing, implementing and testing cybersecurity plans and solutions to vulnerabilities across the value chain.
  • Providing insight and solutions to protecting an organization’s medical device manufacturing, deployment and maintenance systems from disruption by intentional or unintentional cyber threats based on current and projected needs and requirements.

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Knowledge / Information

Stay current on regulatory and legislative developments and, where needed, provide leadership and guidance. Maintain collaborative relationships with cybersecurity experts, researchers, and regulatory authorities and work with these partners to create evidence-based and validated guidelines, standards, and specifications to support best practices for members. Increase student awareness of cybersecurity to encourage a student-to-workforce pipeline. 

Student Engagement

Connect with students at the University of Minnesota to build engagement around cybersecurity and foster interest in the medical device cybersecurity industry as a career pathway. Contribute to student engagement through hackathons, short courses, and internship programs.  An interactive online center presence will promote cybersecurity in medical devices as an exciting career path and will support a pipeline of talent for member companies to engage and recruit.


Invitations to exclusive networking and bi-annual round table events held in collaboration with key partners including external and government experts. Two Round Tables will be held around topics of interest to member organizations as decided by the Steering Committee. These could be held in a manner to facilitate participation by government agencies as appropriate. Membership includes two free admissions to each event and 15% discount for additional company attendees.


The Center will provide a variety of professional training opportunities and course offerings for members, as well as virtual and onsite customized training. We will bundle flexible training modules in topics most relevant to member organizations as determined by the Steering Committee. These modules will be available to member organizations individually as short courses or bundled into certificate programs to be delivered onsite or virtually as needed. Where appropriate, the Center will partner with external experts and entities on training development and delivery. In addition, a Hack-a-thon will be hosted to both promote member and student engagement and training and to test devices for vulnerabilities. Membership includes two free admissions for each training delivered and a 15% discount on training fees for additional attendees.

Steering Committee

Each Industry member company will have a delegate on the Center’s Steering Committee. The Committee’s work includes annual strategy, goal setting, and priorities for the Center.