Student Engagement and Professional Development

Bakken Medical Devices Center Summer Internship Program

Bakken Medical Devices Center (BMDC) will conduct two separate, but simultaneous, summer project teams of student volunteers that will focus on separate cybersecurity problems. Using BMDC's innovation process, we will start with a well-defined problem, an unmet need. The volunteer students, two teams of 6, with faculty assistance, and with access to CMDC member company mentors, will work through brainstorming, concepting, proposing a solution, and developing and presenting their solution, respectively.  Each student commits to 20 hours per week over 11 weeks to work on their assigned project with their respective team. 

Technological Leadership Institute Lunch-and-Learn Program

The Lunch-and-Learn Program is an opportunity for students to hear from alums of University's Technological Leadership Institute (TLI) and industry professionals. Sessions are recorded and will be posted to the sharing platform. 

TLI/CMDC Short Course: Introduction to Medical Device Cybersecurity

We are thrilled to offer this professional development opportunity for the medical device cybersecurity community.