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Center for Medical Device and Health Care Cybersecurity

Security in the healthcare industry is at a higher risk than ever before. In an age of rapid digital transformation and an expanding world of connected systems — hospital environments, medical devices,  pharmaceutical manufacturers, and government agencies are all vulnerable to attack.

The Center for Medical Device and Health Care Cybersecurity (CMDC) at the University of Minnesota brings together and capitalizes on university, industry, and government collaborations through events, education, communications, and research to help improve the security and safety of medical devices across healthcare.

The CMDC is focused on creating a collaborative hub where research, information sharing and education can thrive. Through a combination of industry partnerships, networking opportunities and training exercises we aim to create a valuable experience for industry members, faculty and students alike.

Become a CMDC Member

The Center for Medical Device and Health Care Cybersecurity encourages all who develop or work with medical devices or medical technology to get involved in protecting their safety and ensuring their security. CMDC membership is open to:

  • Medical device manufacturers
  • Healthcare delivery organizations
  • Healthcare insurers
  • Clinics
  • Physician groups
  • Other technology or healthcare companies whose primary business is healthcare and/or that deliver software/hardware/systems used significantly in healthcare
  • Other industry partners interested in advancing the purpose laid out in our mission.

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