Computer science

Computer scientists are architects of the information society. They develop programming languages and operating systems, design computer software and hardware, apply computational techniques to other sciences, investigate social uses of computing, determine what programming language to use for a given problem, and advance new technologies like artificial intelligence and robotics.


  • Computer support specialist
  • Computer programmer or engineer
  • Network manager
  • Solar astronomer
  • Robotic engineer
  • Software or hardware developer
  • Systems and security administrator
  • Web designer
  • Researcher or professor

What will I study?

Reflecting the latest technological advances, our curriculum is taught by renowned faculty, including experts on many software specializations. You will learn to design and analyze computer systems, use them to solve practical problems, and assess their limitations. You will have access to special research facilities like the Artificial Intelligence, Robotics and Vision Laboratories, which includes lab space for undergraduate projects. You will also use state-of-the-art computing platforms and instructional facilities that include Sun, Windows, Linux, and PCs. Our faculty conduct many interdisciplinary research projects and play a vital role in major studies across campus, including at the Digital Technology Center and Minnesota Supercomputing Institute.

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