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50 years of computing excellence

smart hugs

'Smart hug' tech aims to improve health

Prototype system uses voice-based conversation and physiological data to monitor the stress level of a user, and if needed, offers a calming hug.

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Karypis wins top award from PAKDD

He was selected for the PAKDD Distinguished Contributions Award for outstanding contributions to data mining and knowledge discovery.

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CSpotlight: Lin Huynh

Being a TA helped this new B.A. graduate rediscover her love for computer science, and she applied to the major right before her senior year.

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Gini serving as 2021 IJCAI conference chair

The International Joint Conference on Artificial Intelligence (IJCAI) is a premier international gatherings of AI researchers and practitioners.
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CSpotlight: Making her mark on the world

B.S. student Yamini Talasila is interning at Microsoft, where her code for a new feature on their cloud platform will soon roll out to millions of users.
Two women in VR headsets

Learn about VR research at the Minnesota State Fair!

Stop by the Driven to Discover building at the fair on Sunday, September 5 and sign up to help the Illusioneering Lab with future virtual reality research projects.


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