Classrooms & Labs

CSE computer classrooms and labs are available for use by students in the College of Science and Engineering.

  • Labs are unavailable during scheduled classes.
  • Non-24-hour labs are closed on all University holidays.

Lab Assistance

Contact CSE-IT for assistance by using the red phone in any CSE classroom or lab.

Assistive Technologies

To request adaptive technologies email

CSE Labs Room Reservation

Reserve a CSE Lab.

CSE Labs Accounts


Students currently enrolled in the College of Science and Engineering are eligible for a CSE Labs account.

  1. Review CSE's policy for Acceptable Use of Information Technology Resources.
  2. Request a CSE Labs account.


Current CSE faculty can submit an account request via email to

CSE Computer Classrooms and Labs 

The following computer classrooms and labs are available to all current College of Science and Engineering students. 

Department-specific Classrooms and Labs:

 Location OS Computer Names Seating Hours
Civil Engineering 230 Windows 10 to
24 Closed
Frontier Hall 126 Windows 10 to
17 Closed
Keller Hall
Windows 10 to
29 Closed
Keller Hall
Ubuntu 20.04 to 19 Monday to Friday
7 a.m. to 11 p.m.
Keller Hall
Windows 10 to
19 Closed
Keller Hall
Ubuntu 20.04 to
10 Closed
Keller Hall
Ubuntu 20.04 to
22 Open 24/7
Requires UCard swipe
Lind Hall 40 Ubuntu 20.04 to
43 Closed
Lind Hall 150 - Taylor Center Windows 10 to
25 Monday to Friday
7 a.m. to 11 p.m.
Anderson Design Lab
ME 2134
Windows 10 csel-me2134-01.cselabs to
10 Closed
Mechanical Engineering 302 Windows 10 to
10 Closed
Mechanical Engineering 308 Windows 10 to
15 Closed
Mechanical Engineering 314 Windows 10 to
16 Closed
Walter Library 103 Ubuntu 20.04
Windows 10
Windows: to
Ubuntu: to
29 Walter Library 103 Hours
Walter Library 106 Ubuntu 20.04 to
33 Closed

Department of Computer Science and Engineering

The following computer classrooms, labs, and remote access servers are only available to students enrolled in Computer Science and Engineering courses or research.

Remote Access Servers

For information on server purpose and specifications, see the List of Computer Science and Engineering Servers

Classrooms and Labs

Location OS Computer Names Seating Hours
Keller Hall
1-202 - Undergraduate Robotics and Vision Lab
Keller Hall 
Ubuntu 20.04 to
N/A Closed
Keller Hall
Ubuntu 20.04 to
Keller Hall 
2-216 - Graduate Lab
Mac OS X
Windows 10


School of Mathematics Remote Access Server

Instructors and Graduate students in the School of Mathematics can use the following server for remote access SSH login.

  • Server Name:
    • VMWare virtual machine
    • 4x Intel® Xeon® CPU E5-2695 v3 @ 2.30GHz
    • 8 GB RAM