The College of Science and Engineering (CSE) provides students with a variety of technology resources for academic coursework and academic research.

Fundamental CSE Resources

Essential computer resources you'll use throughout your CSE journey.

CSE Labs Account

Create a CSE Labs Account to use CSE computer labs and additional CSE technology resources.

CSE Labs

CSE computer classrooms and labs (CSE Labs) are available to students currently enrolled in CSE.


Students get a $75 free printing allowance each semester to print in CSE Labs. U Card is required to print.

Data Storage

Your CSE Labs Account starts with 1.5 GB of storage. Save backups or copies of your project to Google Drive.

Freeing Storage Space

When your storage quota is full you won't be able to login with a graphical user interface (gui). Learn how to clear your data when this happens.

Login Troubleshooting

Having trouble logging in? Follow instructions in this troubleshooting guide. Contact CSE-IT if difficulties persist.

CSCI Core Video Tutorials

Video tutorials on core concepts useful for your computer science journey. Remote access with SSH, VOLE, and VS Code. Navigating storage issues.

Learn from Home

CSE students can access a variety CSE Labs and University resources and software from home.


Virtual Online Linux Environment lets you to use a virtual CSE Lab machine through a web browser.

Browser Login

A full desktop on any CSE Labs Linux Workstation can be accessed through a web browser.

Secure Shell (SSH)

Linux CSE Labs computers can be accessed over SSH, providing a terminal interface.


CSE and the University provide discounted or no-cost software to students for academic use.


AppsToGo allows you to run software without having to install it on your computer. CSE specific desktops and apps are available with a CSE Labs Account.

Reservable Equipment

You can reserve and check out equipment, such as loaner laptops for a short period of time.

Course Resources

Courses may provide assignments, feedback, and grades in these platforms.


The University's official learning platform to access course materials, submit assignments, view grades, and interact with classmates and instructors.


Some courses you are take may use Gradescope to provide feedback and grades.


Piazza may be used in some of your courses for class Q&A. You can post questions and collaborate to edit responses to these questions.

Technology Help

CSE Help Guides

Learn, troubleshoot, and solve CSE-specific technology issues.

Contact CSE-IT

CSE-IT is here to help! Contact us for help with CSE Labs and other CSE supported technologies.


Learn about the general technology resources available to all U of M students. Contact IT@UMN for general technology help.

Information Security

Learn who to contact about information security questions or if you think your University account has been compromised.

Student Group Resources

CSE Student Groups

Explore 90+ student groups in the College of Science and Engineering.

UMN Student Groups

Browse all students groups at the University of Minnesota and resources available to them.

Student Group Policies

Leading a student group? Review the polices all student groups must follow.


Student group website consultations are available through our Basic Web Support service.

Campus Life Programs (CLP)

Registered Student Organizations (RSO)