Accounts: Troubleshoot Login Issues

This article provides instructions on troubleshooting common login issues in the CSE Labs.

Troubleshooting Login Issues

Issues With Your Disk Quota 

The most common reason you may experience login problems is that your CSE Labs Account storage space is full. To reduce your used storage space see Disk Quota: Free Your Space.

Repairing Dot Files

A misconfigured dot file can cause problems to graphical windows or cause login problems. The most common result of a incompatible dot file configuration is that you cannot log in. In this case, the system recognizes your password, start to log in for a couple seconds, and then takes you back to the login screen.

If you cannot login to a physical machine, SSH to a CSE Labs machine to repair your dot file. 

Editing the File Directly

  1. If you edited one of your dot files, remove your changes
  2. You should now be able to login

Restore Dot File Default Settings

The most effective way to fix your dot files is to restore them to default settings.

  1. Open Terminal
  2. Run the following script
    • This script:
    • Copies all of your current dot files to a backup directory
    • Copies the default files into your home directory
  3. Important: Read the output from the resetenv command carefully. It shows
    • Which dot files have been set to the defaults
    • Which dot files have been kept the same
    • Where the dot file backup directory is located

Providing Information to Technology Support Staff

If login issues persist, for additional assistance provide the following information when contacting the CSE-IT Service Desk

  • Your InternetID
  • Name of the computer you are trying to login to
  • Any error messages received
  • Troubleshooting steps already taken