The College of Science and Engineering (CSE)  and the University provides instructors with a variety of technology services and resources for academic instruction.


Course management and communication systems for distributing and grading coursework and facilitating online student discussions.


The University's official learning management platform to provide course materials, collect assignments, provide grades, and interact with students.


Gradescope is a feedback and assessment tool that reduces time associated with grading exams, homework, and other assignments. Gradescope is widely used for delivering assessments remotely and can be integrated with Canvas.


a streamlined question and answer interface with unique efficiencies for large enrollment classes. Responses take a Wiki format enabling instructors to respond more quickly and encouraging collaboration among students. Piazza also includes unique editing tools designed specifically for STEM disciplines.

Classroom Resources

Instructors can utilize these resources to supplement classroom instruction.

CSE Labs Account

Create a CSE Labs Account to use CSE computer labs and additional CSE technology resources.

CSE Labs

Select CSE computer classrooms and labs (CSE Labs) can be reserved for instruction.


Virtual Online Linux Environment lets you to use a virtual CSE Lab machine through a web browser.


AppsToGo allows you to run software without having to install it on your computer.

Reservable Equipment

You can reserve and check out equipment, such as loaner laptops for a short period of time.


CSE and the University provide discounted or no-cost software to instructors for academic use.


Instructional Support - Fundamentals

Provides a set of standard tools for shared file and website storage, access group management, collaboration tools, and email list provisioning for instructors.

Instructional Lab and Instrument Support

Lab and instructional desktop support, including hardware and software (installation, data acquisition). Instrument host support will be provided for teaching labs that are using legacy equipment running on older operating systems.

Virtual Lab Support

The virtual labs, Virtual Online Linux Environment (VOLE), is a full CSE Linux desktop delivered virtually through FastX for College of Science and Engineering. 

Technology Help

CSE Help Guides

Learn, troubleshoot, and solve CSE-specific technology issues.

Contact CSE-IT

CSE-IT is here to help! Contact us for help with CSE Labs and other CSE supported technologies.


Learn about the general technology resources available to all U of M students. Contact IT@UMN for general technology help.

Information Security

Learn who to contact about information security questions or if you think your University account has been compromised.