Virtual Online Linux Environment (VOLE)

Try the new and improved VOLE-FX3

VOLE-FX3 provides the same services, but uses significantly more modern software.

Virtual Online Linux Environment (VOLE) is a full CSE Linux desktop delivered virtually through FastX.

Program, do homework, and use engineering software from your laptop. As long as you can connect to the internet, you can connect to a VOLE desktop.

VOLE is available to the students and faculty associated with the College of Science & Engineering - Twin Cities.

View video tutorial on FastX and VOLE

Connect to VOLE

  1. Request a CSE Labs account, if you don’t already have one.
  2. Open a web browser and connect to VOLE, or VOLE3D for GPU programming.
  3. Login with your University Internet ID and password.
  4. Authenticate with Duo.
  5. Click on the Launch Session button to start a new session.
Launch Session button selected in VOLE session launcher.
  1. Click on the XFCE logo and then click Launch on the bottom right.
XFCE selected in VOLE session launcher modal. Launch button being clicked.


  • See a warning about a pop-up being blocked? Update your browser’s settings to allow pop-ups from the site.
  • Resize the Linux desktop by resizing the browser window and then clicking on the fullscreen icon at the top.
    • Selecting the double-ended arrow button will resize the Linux desktop to fill your screen.
VOLE menu: double ended arrow button: second button from the left.
  • Selecting the paper button will open the clipboard to copy and paste between your Vole session and local computer.
VOLE menu: paper button: the leftmost button.
  • Missing the VOLE menu? Hover your cursor over the top middle of the screen to make it appear.


Due to high usage, VOLE will automatically stop processes that have been running for longer than 24 hours. Idle sessions will be timed out after 4 hours.

System Maintenance

System maintenance of VOLE occurs weekly on Fridays between 6 and 7 a.m. Save your work to prevent loss of data.