Undergraduate advising

Your departmental (major) academic advisor can answer questions and advise students on major degree requirements, department procedures, engagement opportunities, and general questions about your experience as an undergraduate student.

Students who are admitted to a computer science degree program, prospective students, lower division students, and students pursuing the computer science minor are welcome to meet with any of our advisors.

Schedule an appointment online

Current University students should schedule their advising appointment online. We do not offer drop-in advising. Quick or time-sensitive questions can always be sent to your assigned departmental advisor if you're in the major or email csciug@umn.edu if you are not admitted to our major programs.

Advising appointments will be offered both virtually and limited in-person (by request). Please communicate directly with your assigned Departmental (major) Advisor for more details about their appointment offerings and modality. All advising appointments can be scheduled online through csci.appointments.umn.edu.

Our department will not be hosting drop-in advising hours. Questions can always be directed via email to your assigned Departmental Advisor or this email address if you have not yet been assigned a Departmental Advisor.

*If you're a student admitted to one of our Computer Science major programs and you haven't been assigned a Departmental Academic Advisor or you wish to change your Departmental Academic Advisor you can use this form to request an update.

Undergraduate advising and mandated reporting

In the Computer Science & Engineering (CS&E) department, confidentiality is important to us, and most of your conversations (including email) with CS&E staff are protected by the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA). However, University policy, state, and federal laws place some limits on confidentiality and may require CS&E staff to release information, without your permission, to designated authorities.

We are required to report if you:

  • Report a credible and imminent threat of danger to yourself or another person(s)
  • Report or describe, or we suspect, any physical abuse, neglect, mental injury, or sexual abuse of children within the last three years (this includes the occurrence of abuse or neglect to yourself if you were under age 18 at the time of the abuse)
  • Report sexual harassment, sexual assault, stalking, relationship violence, and/or related retaliation. In this case, a report will be made to the Office for Equal Opportunity and Affirmative Action, which will reach out to you to share resources for personal support and information about how to initiate an investigation process or other responsive action if you choose.

In the case that we must report, our practice is to notify you either in-person or through email that the information you shared with your advisor has been reported to the EOAA office. If you have any questions, please contactcsciug@umn.edu.