Ph.D. process

These are the steps you need to complete to obtain your Ph.D. in Computer Science at the University of Minnesota:

Preliminary written and oral examinations

Doctoral thesis credits

Thesis proposal exam

Final dissertation and thesis defense

Once complete, students will be eligible for graduation. Ph.D. graduates are expected to defend their thesis before the end of the summer of the spring in which they wish to attend commencement. Students are then eligible to attend commencement ceremonies.

Commencement is held once a year at the end of the spring semester and is hosted by the College of Science and Engineering in cooperation with several other colleges. The announcement of the commencement date and time, as well as the procedure to sign up to attend, will be sent to the student’s university email address.

For more information and registration details , visit the Arts, Sciences, and Engineering Graduate Student Commencement website. In addition, the department usually hosts a graduation celebration just for computer science and data science graduates prior to the commencement.