Computing Education

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Chris Dovolis poses in Keller Hall
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This division focuses on the educational mission of the University and Department of Computer Science & Engineering. Our primary duty is:

  • Teaching large numbers of students to help the Department and University accommodate as many students as possible interested in computing.  With the explosive growth of students interested in this field, we aim to innovate and put into practice processes and methods to teach to scale while providing quality instruction;
  • Teaching required and service classes that involve labs, discussions, large-course staffing, or have other characteristics that require special attention and pedagogical expertise;
  • Responding to other Department and program needs in teaching, including teaching upper-level classes in areas where there are too few other faculty to accommodate student demand; and
  • Teaching well, and continually trying to improve our teaching skills and capabilities by committing to self-improvement in teaching methods and devoting time to staying current on new technologies and teaching innovations.

Additionally, our division members focus on other tasks to improve the Department’s educational efforts through:

  • Making computing more accessible and inclusive. Current efforts include developing student support courses to reduce failure and withdrawal rates and increase persistence in the introductory sequence of CS courses,  and collecting and analyzing data to understand how interventions are affecting student outcomes;  
  • Working on recruitment and retention to continue serving our educational mission;
  • Providing resources for other faculty and TAs in the department to improve their teaching skills; 
  • Advising campus life program (CLP) student groups and providing training about Departmental procedures and policies related to budgets, accounting, sponsorships, and working with minors, ensuring all University’s policies are followed properly; and
  • Other service and administrative work related to education. 

Core Faculty

Phil Barry headshot
Teaching Professor, Associate Department Head of Instruction
300G Lind Hall
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Chris J. Dovolis
Teaching Professor, Distinguished University Teaching Professor
Andrew Exley
Associate Teaching Professor
Samuel Fountain headshot
Teaching Specialist
300C Lind Hall
Shonal Gangopadhyay headshot
Teaching Specialist
300B Lind Hall
Elizabeth Jensen headshot
300K Lind Hall
Daniel Kluver headshot
Lecturer, Researcher, GroupLens Research Lab
Jack Kolb
Assistant Teaching Professor
300F Lind Hall
James Moen headshot
307 Lind Hall
Bernardo Bianco Prado headshot
Teaching Specialist
300H Lind Hall
Carl Sturtivant
Teaching Professor
317 Lind Hall
Nathan Taylor headshot
Teaching Specialist
Shana Watters
Teaching Professor
Kevin Wendt headshot
Teaching Specialist
312 Lind Hall

Affiliated Faculty

Lana Yarosh
Associate Professor, Distinguished University Teaching Professor, McKnight Presidential Fellow
5-187 Kenneth H. Keller Hall