M.S. to Ph.D admissions

Students currently pursuing a master’s degree through the Department of Computer Science & Engineering are encouraged to consider also pursuing the Ph.D. program if it fits their long term goals.

There are two distinct pathways to pursue admission to the doctoral program for these students:

  • Option 1: Interested students can submit a full application for review during the admissions cycle (fall admission only). All dates and deadlines must be followed.  Please review more information on the Ph.D. admissions webpage. Be sure that your application is complete and includes all of the required information and documentation. It’s advantageous to have letters of recommendation from current CS&E faculty members. Option 1 is the pathway that provides the best chance of admission and incorporates the broadest possible options for funding to include fellowships, TA and RA positions.
  • Option 2: If a student wishes to pursue off cycle admission for a spring semester start, or late fall admission, the admissions request must begin with a currently eligible CS&E faculty member. They must already have agreed to serve as the advisor of record for a student and advocate for admission. The faculty member must do the following:
    • The faculty member should contact the Graduate Programs Coordinator to indicate they would like the student admitted to the Ph.D. program and specify the semester to be admitted, along with the following:
      • The faculty member must confirm that they will be the listed advisor of record.
      • The faculty member must specify any co-advisors. Faculty members who do not hold Senior Member must provide a name of a Senior Member faculty member to co-advise the student.
      • Confirmation that the student has sufficient background/preparation for graduate level CSCI course work and is in good standing in their current program. This will be reviewed by the graduate admissions committee. 
      • The faculty member must verify funding through a TA, RA or a fellowship. The availability of TA and fellowship opportunities is limited. RA appointments are determined by individual faculty members.
      • If approved by the department, the student will need to submit a formal application, as this is the mechanism to add the Ph.D. program to the student record (specific direction on this will be provided at that time). 

Other information

  • These requests can not originate with the student. Faculty members wishing to admit current University of Minnesota M.S. students must initiate this process.
  • Current computer science and data science M.S. students interested in the Ph.D. program addition are encouraged to schedule an advising appointment to discuss this option with the Graduate Programs Coordinator.
  • Off cycle (spring admission) or late fall requests are possible, but subject to space and funding availability. 
    • Late fall admissions requests should be received by July 1.
    • Off cycle spring admissions requests should be received by October 1.
  • All admissions decisions are subject to approval by the Graduate Admissions Committee.