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Teaching assistants (TA) are play an important role in the Department of Computer Science & Engineering. TA appointments are available to both undergraduate and graduate students.

Spring 2021 Graduate TA update

November 12: Nearly all graduate TA positions are tentatively held for Ph.D. students at this time. It is expected that several appointments will be made to M.S. students once Ph.D. student offers are confirmed. Additional appointments will be made to fill hard-to-fill positions and made to those who have already been a TA. 

Being requested by a faculty member as a TA for their own class is the most likely reason to be selected as a first-time TA. Some difficult openings may also lead to first-time positions.

The Ph.D. appointment may take through the end of the term. M.S. students may not receive offers until late December or early January.

Contact information

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Undergraduate TA Coordinator

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Graduate TA Supervisor