Undergraduate programs overview

Why study computer science?

Computer science is one of the fastest growing technology fields. Currently there are more jobs in this industry than graduates, making computer science students highly sought after by local and national companies. Most students graduate with a job already lined up.

Computer science is the study of software, hardware, and theoretical aspects of computing devices, along with the study of the application of computing in scientific, engineering, business, and other areas. Note that although programming is a part of computer science, it is only one part, and strong computer science programs require not only programming classes, but classes in other areas of computer science as well.

Computer scientists do many different types of work, from helping computers to run more efficiently, to making them safer, and improving mobile devices and other computerized technologies.

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Nicholas Hopper

Director of Undergraduate Studies
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Academic Advisors

Jacquelyn Burt, Dametrius Coleman, Josie Kahlenbeck, and Kelly Thomas
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