Undergraduate admissions overview

Available degrees

The following undergraduate degrees are available through the Department of Computer Science & Engineering:

The department also offers a minor in computer science and an integrated bachelor's/master's program. Both of these programs have separate admission processes.

The University of Minnesota also offers degrees in related fields, such as computer engineering and information technology infrastructure.

Application process

Students interested in studying computer science at the University of Minnesota should apply for admission to the university into either the College of Science & Engineering for the Bachelor of Science (B.S.) degree or the College of Liberal Arts for the Bachelor of Arts (B.A.) degree.

Admission to the University

Admission is done by colleges, rather than by the department. More admission information is available at Discover CLA and CSE Prospective students, as well as on the University Admissions website.

Once students are admitted to one of these colleges, they can then take the required lower division courses in computer science.

Admission to the computer science major

When a student has completed (or is currently enrolled in) lower division prerequisites with a grade of C- or better, they can apply for admission to the major. Most computer science students apply to upper division during their sophomore year.

The demand for computer science education at the University has been increasing for over a decade, and it has outpaced the University's investment in our instructional capacity. Therefore, the Department is being forced to impose stricter limits on admission to the major at least for the near future. Learn more about these changes and suggested next steps.

Find the specifics on the required prerequisite courses, technical GPA, and how to apply for your program below: