Information for transfer students

Transfer student picnic

New student transfers

Applications for new transfer students are available online through the University of Minnesota Office of Admissions.

Students transferring to the University of Minnesota from another school and wishing to select computer science as their major should first consult with the appropriate admissions counselor:

Based on the transfer coursework completed at the time of admission to the University, students will either be admitted as a major or pre-major student.

  • Transfer students admitted as pre-majors will still need to apply to the major. The applications are posted online for CLA (B.A.) and CSE (B.S.).
  • Students admitted as major students do not need to take any additional steps to apply to the major.

All transfer students will meet either a college advisor (pre-major students) or a departmental advisor (major students) during their orientation day organized by either CSE or CLA.

Transferring between CLA and CSE

Students wishing to transfer either from CLA to CSE to obtain a B.S. degree or from CSE to CLA to obtain a B.A. degree must file a Change of College Form online. Please pay particular attention to the application deadlines. Students transferring to CSE should refer to this website for admission criteria and information sessions.

Course transfer equivalency guides